Dutchboy Studios, Oakland, CA, 2010

While I do show my paintings in  Galleries throughout the U.S., I also focus on working with clients to satisfy a range of commission, design and mural creation possibilities. Alongside the fine art aspect of what I do, I've spent years working with Advertising and Creative Agencies, Architects, Interior and Apparel Designers, Hospitality specialists, Community/Public art concerns and Commercial Real Estate Management firms to enlighten spaces of all sorts. 

These paintings are all abstractions of past and present experiences traveling, listening, looking and loving. In short, these are a veritable mix of tradition and technology, the speed of the human spirit and the life of color. Most of my pieces are concoctions of acrylic, latex, oil based paints, inks, papers, metal leafs, aerosol paint, airbrush, and anything else I can get my hands on. Growing up in the Portland street art scene, many dynamic tensions have evolved themselves into dripping collages of faded foreign fonts, organic linework, corroded metallics and dropshadowed layers. I am also an illustrator and graphic designer, heading up creative projects for independent label Hip Hop, Jazz and Electronic music artists in Portland, Seattle and San Francisco. 

Growing up in Salem, Oregon I felt I had one of two options: rise outward or sink within. Even as a young child, the profound tragic of a city toiling with the largest mental health hub in the state, impartial school budgeting, and the institutional labyrinth of government administration buildings profoundly affected my sense of what could only be possible outside of it.  Attending Mckinley elementary, there were educators who recognized my need for creative outlet, recommending to my already knowing parents to keep me in extended education art classes. Eventually leading me to Pacific Northwest College of Art and the Art Institute of Portland. I have since lived in Portland, Aspen and Oakland for the majority of my creative years. Between Asia, Europe and Latin America, I travel on a regular basis to places as aesthetically different as possible to kick start my design conscious every year or so.  In the past eight years my works have been featured in over fifty solo and group exhibitions in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Las Vegas and Aspen.