Two new pieces. two new directions.....

I recently finished these two pieces recently. I feel they are decent examples of my forays into literal landscape, flora and fauna elements:

Cabezon, 48"x108" mixed media on lauan panel


Ko'olau Rain, 48"x108" mixed media on lauan panel

Ko'olau Rain

Something new to look at

Saturday's show was a success, awesome to catch up with so many Portland peeps that I haven't seen in many years. I'm genuinely grateful for all the support over the years from friends and family. A big thank you to everyone who showed up and to my friends that reposted and spread the word even though they couldn't make it. Can't wait to do it again, much love

-In the meantime, here's a few new pieces to look at that are currently still available. Each piece is 24"x24" mixed media on canvas. High res images, pricing or studio visits upon request. Please click on picture below to forward to the next.

Pieces Currently Available 12/19/2013

These pieces are currently at my studio for viewing, Click image to move to the next. Please call or email for details:

1). Cascade Head, 96"x120" Mixed Media on canvas

2). A's up, 48"x60" Mixed Media on canvas

3). Atiacuyhayan, 36"x60" Mixed Media on canvas

4). Royal Junk, 36"x60" Mixed Media on canvas

5). Benthic Sway, 84"x84" Mixed Media on canvas

6). Tetsuo's Traffic Jam 36"x72" Mixed Media on canvas

7). Silent Disintegration 10 24"x60" Mixed Media on canvas

8). Sacred Art of Dying 48"x96" Mixed Media on canvas

9). Hectocotyli 60"x96" Mixed Media on canvas

10). Stroke Study 12 48"x24" Mixed Media on canvas

11). Mannequin 2 24"x16"x7" Mixed Media on Acrylic